Terms & Conditions

1) Internet speeds available are dependent on the current line infrastructure at your address. Telephone line or cable options may be available at your location. Service is not available in all areas. Please contact us to find out if your address qualifies for service.

2) No fixed-term contract required for residential internet services. Customer is free to cancel services at anytime and will not be charged for internet services after the cancellation date.

3) A wireless modem is included in the listed prices as rental, and will be shipped to customer free of charge. Customer is responsible for shipping and returning supplied modem to our location upon cancellation of services.

4) Valid Email required to accept invoices.

5) For internet services provided by telephone line, Digital Lights uses existing home phone lines. If you do not have a home telephone, a dedicated internet-only phone line can be provided. Prices for these lines are determined by your geographical location and local telephone provider, but are lower in cost than a basic home telephone line. Please contact us for current pricing.

6) Prices and terms are subject to change.

7) Supplied modems are pre-programmed with authorization settings. Loss of internet will occur if the pinhole reset button is pushed, or settings are changed improperly. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our location for modem reprogramming if the customer is at fault for applying improper settings. There is no charge for reprogramming.

8) Modem will be provided and shipped free of charge when the modem needs to be replaced, if a malfunction occurs due to normal usage, or other issues beyond the customer control. Customer will be responsible for a modem replacement fee and shipping charges if the customer was at fault for any damages or misuse.

9) Modem wireless signals only carry a certain distance. In-home networking solutions may be needed to provide services to distant areas of your location. Routers and extenders can be used.

10) All first invoices for new customers must be paid in full on or before the due date, or disconnection may immediately occur. Full payment of unpaid balances and a reconnection fee equal to the installation fee will be required to resume services.

11) The first customer invoice will contain any installation fees, and a partial internet / dedicated line charge, for services provided from the date of connection until the end of the date of connection month.

12) Payments can be made by e-transfer to payments@digitallights.ca at any financial institution, or by online banking. There is no password required.

13) Payments must be received on or before the due date to avoid late penalty charges. Any balance forward is overdue. Overdue charges will be subject to a monthly penalty calculated at a rate of 2% compounded monthly (26.82% per year).

14) Disconnection of services may occur if balances remain unpaid for an extended duration. Full payment of unpaid balances and a reconnection fee equal to the installation fee will be required to resume services. Unpaid balances may be forwarded for legal action if a payment plan has not been established and followed.

15) You must be at least 18 years of age to order services. Digital Lights reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services at anytime.

16) Prices will reduce after 1 year of continuous service. Advanced installation packages can be purchased when ordering services, to immediately qualify for the reduced price. Please call Digital Lights at 780-706-6570 for more details.

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