High Speed Internet

Unlimited Data, and wireless modem rental included! No fixed-term contract required, no cancellation or buyout fee, and the price will decrease after the first year!

Computer Services

Certified computer repair services, builds, upgrades, virus & malware removal, home & business networking solutions, software & web design, web hosting, and more, for Whitecourt and surrounding area.

On-Site Tech Services

On-site hardware and software repair services - Hardware / software diagnostics, virus removal, installs, upgrades, line repair, networking solutions, cleaning, parts replacement, and more.


Paying too much for internet?

What speed is right for you? Learn about download speeds, upload speeds, ping, and what is needed for your household.

TV Over Internet

Affordable High Definition Television Powered by ATOP TV - Streamed through your Digital Lights Internet connection!

Trouble With Wireless?

Improve your setup and eliminate dead zones.

Test your speed

Perform a test to check your internet speed.